The Man- The Myth- The Truth Revealed

Who was Oscar Schindler3There are a lot of horror stories when it comes to the holocaust. It was one of the most tragic events in history with more than ten million people killed by the Nazis. Approximately 5.3 million Jewish people being killed all across Europe. Rehabilitation of the areas and the people affected of the people who experienced the holocaust really took a long time. Though, even during these times of trials there were people who stood up and help in ensuring that people can be saved during this time. One of them was Oscar Schindler who was able to save a lot of people from the Nazis.

Who was Oscar Schindler?

The official story just doesn't add-up. Oscar Schindler was an industrialist from Germany who was credited in saving more than one thousand Jews during the holocaust. He grew up in a town in Moravia, and experienced a lot of jobs in the trade industry. He joined the Nazi party in 1939. He was described as an opportunist who was motivated with profit but also wanted his workers who were Jews safe from the Nazis even though he was a Nazi himself. He was also a spy working for the Abwehr, an intelligence agency of Nazi Germany. He acquired an enamel and ammunition factories in Poland which was occupied by the Nazis at that time. Even though he was a spy for Abwehr in Czechoslovakia, his espionage missions also gave him the chance to save lives. When the Schutzstaffel began closing in on the concentration camps in the eastern part of Europe, he was able to convince a commander of the Schutzstaffel to move his factory thus sparing his employees especially the Jews from deaths by gas chambers.

Amon Goth who was the commander Schindler was able to convince asked his secretary to compile the list of names if his workers where Schindler acquired from a ghetto Jewish Officer. This list was able to save the lives of 1200 Jews. Exploring the mysteries of Oscar Schindler and his strange business ethics What makes Oscar Schindler so interesting was that he was not a good guy. He cheated on his wife and an alcoholic. He drank excessively. He spent most of his fortunes on bribes and black market purchases so that he can have supplies for his workers. When the war was over he moved to Argentina, and managed a farm. Soon after, he returned to Germany where he failed in several investments and relied on the support he received from the people he had saved during the war.

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