A closer look at the numbers of the Holocaust concentration camps

Holocaust concentration camps6The nineteenth century started with a brilliance that’s as bright as the summer's morning sun. Advancements in technology and industrialization paved bright highlights in what many saw as a century with a bright future and potential. Successes were chalked and progress seemed a possible reality. Cities and countries were getting closer and networked as produce and labor got carried easily by the ever expanding railway network of the time. Unfortunately when things were about to get real about the nineteenth century dream until a huge obstruction came to hinder the progress of what many saw as the beginning of a new era.

An event occurred that would live to rewrite the books of history forever. From the years of 1939 to 1945, the world saw her second blow of the century. More than 100 million people in over 30 countries were involved in an event of massive turmoil which many today regard as world war II. And just when people were just recovering from World War I, at least everyone knows of the horror in the second World War, so lets get right into it. The obvious horror we are talking about is so evident that people decline to question whatever reports that are questioned even when they are rationally reasonable questions. We know that during WW2, millions were killed, millions were injured and millions got displaced. But to what extent can we clarify the truth of the figures we are being presented with about the events known as the Holocaust?

Why do the figures keep changing?

Why do the figures keep changing?In this piece, we will try to go deep into clarifying these issues by first looking at the concentration camps and the drama of the figures behind them. In other words, the number of people who were sent to concentrations camps and were reported to have been gassed to death. So sit tight, relax and follow me closely. To start with, the is no single official report from the Nazi Germans to state the number of prison camps and their correspondent casualties. Historians lan Kershaw, Raul Hilberg and Martin Broszat all confirm that stance. Information regarding the war therefore became available by secondary sources and interest groups who researched and reported on the incidents that happened.

Instruments that were used to make these calculations included census reports, the Nazi archives and some post war investigations. The closest reports and most likely reliable are those of wartime reports and post war demographic studies with regards to the population of the involving countries.

Originally, figures relating to the number of Holocaust deaths were six million people. Some three million names of Jewish victims of the Holocaust collected by Yad Vashem together with some other documents and war archives were used to make this claim. The Nizkor project that was conducted to determine the number of Jewish deaths reported the number as 5.65 million, close to the initial 6 million. These where rough projections and estimates made by various interest groups such as Jewish organizations. On the contrary, recent figures that are reported based on further investigations shockingly reveal different figures. Some of these reports have placed the death toll at about 1 million people and even as low as 300,000. Considering that this is a strong reference to what is commonly called Holocaust denial, special laws were created through specialized courts around the world, made decisions regarding these controversies that surrounded the figures of the Holocaust a subject that could not be discussed openly.

The verdict of these court accepts the initial 6 million and also expels further confrontations from any verified fact-finding body to make any claim on the matter. So as things stand now, whether there is proof to these figures or not, the initial 6 million has been cast in stone. The bases of the courts decisions were that many of the findings with regards to the figures including those of Dr. Wilhelm Hoettle, Lucy Dawidowicz and Raul Hilberg were all geared towards the 6 million figure. The denial claims stating lower figures have therefore been branded as Soviet Propaganda. So in short, 6 million Jews died in reality- and the lower figures may have been the creation of various groups to effect their political agendas.