Did Oscar Schindler’s factories purposely make dud bombs?

movie SchindlerMillions of people recognize Oscar Schindler because of the popular novel and film: Schindler's List. That detailed story discusses how he rescued Jews from the impending Holocaust during World War II. But Oscar Schindler had another profound influence over the lives of people during that era. He owned and operated his factory that produced bombs for Nazi Germany. That made him an influential industrialist in his own right. However, there is debate about whether his bombs were designed to fail. That could shed new light on the role he really played during World War II, and you’ll find out where Oscar Schindler purposefully made these dud bombs.

Oscar Schindler was a German industrialist during the war itself. He played a vital role because his factory was producing bombs for Nazi Germany. But he did have sympathies for the downtrodden during the war. Which would explain why Schindler oversaw the rescue of 1200 Jews that were sentenced to a concentration camp. His factory in Krakow employed thousands of workers, including around 1000 Jews during WW2. That made him a key player and allowed him to exert a lot of authority. When Oscar Schindler actually joined the Nazi Party during 1939, he continued to express sympathy for many Jews- which was frowned upon by party members. However- as an industrialist, he used his wealth and prestige to further his own goals. He did use child labor to polish his bomb parts in the factory. But some proponents suggest that Schindler maintained his own conscientious goals.

Many people have heard that a large number of his bombs failed when they were used out in the field. Or perhaps some of them weren’t optimal bombs that could produce mass damage. And though his factory excelled at making the bombs, they seemed to be duds more often than not. Oscar Schindler never stated whether he meant for the bombs to fail- but why would he announce this kind of betrayal to bad business with Nazi Germany? That created speculation about his true loyalties during the heated World War II effort. His mixed loyalties would continue to conflict his life until the end of the war. One thing is certain was that his dud bombs provided some breathing room for the allied armies. These armies could march forward without fear of effective firepower coming down on them. The allies had their own bombs that did work effectively against the Axis armies, so it’s a good thing that Schindler wasn’t selling bombs to them as well... That gave them effective counter fire to get the job done. The Allied armies hoped to bring the war to a successful conclusion and maintained a strategic goal which was pursued it until the very end.

Oscar Schindler was one of few Nazi party members to survive the end of the war. He did go bankrupt, but some people praised the decisions that he would make. Many recognize his name because of the movie Schindler's List (1993). He was an accomplished industrialist and knew how to influence society as he saw fit. Oscar Schindler wanted to achieve a lasting legacy in his lifetime. He would ultimately rely on many Jewish friends he made during the war. They helped him continue financing his own independent lifestyle after the war. He is the only former Nazi to be buried in Jerusalem after the war. His decision to make dud bombs proved to be a fateful one. He helped the allied caused and saved a lot of Jewish lives.