WW2: Are we ready to speak about the unspeakable war horrors yet?

When one raise the topic of "Unspeakable War Horrors" and ask people what was the greatest one ever committed, about 9 out of 10 people would answer: The"Holocaust", which was perpetuated by the Germans under the command of Adolf Hitler, against the Jews. It is well known that the figure of 6 million, are mentioned as the total number of Jews, who died in the gas chambers of concentration camps like Auschwitz.

A truly horrible thought, however...

Holocaust prime examples of war horrors6According to the available literature, Jewish camp prisoners were gassed to death in large groups using certain types of poisonous gas. Their bodies which were removed from the chambers after death were then cremated in large cremation furnaces. The effect of all these allegations echoed throughout Europe and in particular against the German people were profound. Because of this, the German people were saddled with the tag of being accused of mass murderers because of the Nazi's. For many of them it was something to be ashamed off. In the aftermath of the war they were also a divided state known as West Germany and East Germany, and this division lasted until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Truth be told- some say it was all fiction?

Despite Holocaust denial laws placed in many countries including the USA, there are many people today who question the occurrence of the “Holocaust”, some say it is a truth others who deny it are calling it a lie. In a very informative article that was published back in 1979, written by Dr. Robert Faurisson, he answers questions on why he believed that it never happened as it was told to the public, and that in fact, it wasn't possible to do it the way it allegedly happened. According to him the type of gas used, “Zyklon B" is simply too dangerous a gas to have been used in the gas chambers, in the way as it was described. The gas is also known as prussic acid, as a hydrocyanic acid. There is also evidence forwarded about the first execution in the USA, in which gas was used. This evidence about the safety procedures and precautions tends to prove the evidence on how the gas chambers functioned as impossible. Treating the bodies of American prisoners who were gassed was toxic and dangerous for anyone moving or treating the body afterward. Likewise the precautions used because cyanide gas was present would have caused the eventual health problems leading to death of the people removing bodies within hours due to the over-exposure of residual gasses. Accordingly people would have been killed in vast numbers around the clock to reach the figure bandied around 6 million.

Witness studies tell a different story

This figure excluded other ethnic groups like Romanian Gypsies. There is not one official statement by any Gypsy witness, according to Faurrisson in which they state, that surviving camp prisoners have indeed seen any gas chamber that were located inside any of the camps. What is very interesting about all the different opinions about what ever went on in the concentration camps, yet nobody denies the existence of these camps. There is also no argument that states, that no Jews were ever interned in these camps. There are specific groups that argue that the horrors of being gassed to death didn't exist but they don't deny that camps existed. While the majority still argues that the gas chambers were a reality and that roughly about 6 Million Jewish people were executed there. This figure is denied by many on the basis that it is roughly the equivalent of the total population of a country, the size of Switzerland however of all the countries that deported Jews in WW2 still have yet to have viable numbers of whom were deported.

And still- the modern history the German Concentration camps and the “Holocaust” must feature as the prime examples of war horrors ever alleged to have been perpetuated against any group. It’s true that there are many examples, of one group committing atrocities against the others in times of war. There is the example of Josef Stalin who is accused of being responsible for the death of millions; the people who died in Cambodia; the torture of American POW’s in the Vietnamese POW Camps. There is also the latter day examples of Bosnia and Rwanda. One thing is concerned when it comes to finding the truth when studying these kinds of war horrors is to examine the uncorrupted evidence available and decide for yourself.